Tulsa Regional Tourism Hopes 2021 Events Help Rebound Economy

Sunday, January 17th 2021, 8:31 pm

TULSA, Okla. -

After the pandemic caused several canceled events and plans in 2020, Tulsa Regional Tourism said it is hoping 2021 will help rebuild the economy.

This year, the organization said it is hoping to bounce back from the pandemic.

If everything goes as planned, tourism president Ray Hoyt said it should see an estimated $161 million going back into the economy in 2021. 

"There's a lot of hope right now that the vaccine is going to let things get us back to some sort of normal, whatever normal looks like," Hoyt said. 

So far, Tulsa Regional Tourism has 62 events planned. Hoyt said the organization typically has double that number, but they are working now on adding more. 

"There's still a lot of movement happening in the industry,” Hoyt said. “There are places where events are being canceled, and they are moving, and so we are looking to host them in the year.”

The organization said it works closely with the health department on every event to make sure all safety guidelines are being followed.

Throughout the pandemic, Hoyt said it has learned how to adapt and get creative, all while remaining positive. 

"Our mantra with 2020 was, ‘Crisis is the mother of innovation,’ and I still think we have to live by that mantra," Hoyt said. 

Tulsa Regional Tourism started a website called Tulsa Safely.com, so people visiting the city can see which businesses are following safety guidelines.

To find Tulsa Regional Tourism’s site, click here.