Tulsa Police Arrest Man Accused Of Shooting Businesses, Cars With BB Gun

Wednesday, January 20th 2021, 4:38 pm

TULSA, Okla. -

It took two years, but Tulsa Police said they have now arrested a man accused of shooting more than a dozen windows of businesses and cars with a BB gun.

Tulsa Police said toward the end of 2018, they were trying to figure out who was shooting windows out at more than a dozen places in Tulsa.

They got a warrant for his arrest nearly a year ago and now have 21-year-old Lwyz Siqueiros in custody. Investigators say these acts of vandalism happened in clusters, sometimes along a major street.

Siqueiros is charged with 18 felony counts of malicious damage to property.

Documents said he shot the windows of eight Tulsa businesses with a BB gun. They said he shot out windows of eight parked cars and shot another car as it was moving near I-244.

"Detectives did a good job of formulating how many victims we had that tied into this one suspect," TPD Officer Danny Bean said.

Documents said Siqueiros shot at Circle Cinema on Lewis Avenue, at the windows at Bramble Breakfast Bar on 6th Street, and did the same at John A. Marshall Company, Foolish Things Coffee Co, and several parking lots over the span of a couple weeks in 2018.

"We do see, through the investigation, that he had children in the car at some point. Or he was driving around with kids in the car, and shooting out windows, or doing what he was doing - which is a terrible thing. It teaches, directly or indirectly to those kids that this is an okay thing to do," Bean said.

The affidavit said surveillance video shows car windows shattering as Siqueiros drove past. It said police got anonymous tips on social media pointing to the suspect.

Documents said when police interviewed Siqueiros' mother and little sister, they told them he's the one who'd fired the shots.

Records show Siqueiros was put on a suspended sentence for 18 months in August of 2018 for other charges and police say he started the shooting spree just three months after that.