TPS Board Discusses COVID-19 Trends, Vaccination Progress In District

Monday, January 25th 2021, 9:38 pm

TULSA, Okla. -

The Tulsa Public Schools Board of Education met on Monday night to discuss COVID-19, and how the district is doing with vaccinations at Monday’s board meeting.

No decisions were made, but listeners heard from board members about COVID numbers going down and a few parents who are concerned about their kids. 

The board showed some graphs showing COVID-19 cases on a steady downward trend on Tulsa County. They also gave an update on vaccinations.

The board said as of now, almost 300 staff members older than 65 have been vaccinated, but there is no definite word on when other teachers or staff could get their vaccines. They said it’s all based on availability.

Although cases are lowering, the district still plans on returning kids to learning in person at the end of March.

A few parents said waiting that long is negatively affecting their kids’ mental health.

“You are forcing parents like myself to choose what is more important regarding their children: their education or their mental health,” said dad Les Kaup.

“I feel very hopeful we can return our kids to in person learning at a date that’s earlier than we have, and I know the members of the board want this as soon as we are able to,” said superintendent Deborah Gist.

Board member Jerry Griffin asked how to go about getting the board to change their minds about going back to in-person learning sooner.

The board said it’s looking to discuss making changes, including the possibility of students returning to in-person class, as an agenda item at an upcoming meeting.