Professional Pitcher, Locust Grove Native Strives To Represent Oklahoma From The Mound

Tuesday, February 9th 2021, 6:31 pm

Playing in the major leagues is a dream that any baseball player hopes to achieve.  

As Locust Grove native Adrian Houser enters his fifth season with the Brewers, he isn't letting go of his Oklahoma roots and still can’t believe that he is living out his childhood dream.

"I pinch myself, it’s something special 99 percent of people can't even say," said Houser, pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Houser has embraced playing in Milwaukee, in front of the Brewers loyal fans and the fans have rallied around him, especially the two times he lost his lunch on the mound.

"They went right to it, puke and rally, puke and rally. They were into it, they were hyped up about it so if I perform good every time which, so far, after the first two times I performed pretty well so I may have to continue doing that but right now we have it under control," said Houser.

2020 was arguably one of the most unique seasons in Major League Baseball history and Houser is using what he learned last year to prepare him for this season.

"Baseball is going to throw you for some loops and put you through the blender a few times, so you have to be even-keeled and be a good teammate, and just be there every day for your guys. That’s what I'm going to do," said Houser.

There are more than a dozen Oklahomans currently in the big leagues, and Houser carries that with him every time he toes the rubber.

"There’s not a lot of people from Oklahoma, it’s kind of a looked-over place in some things. There’s a lot of talent here, especially the year I was drafted out of high school, some of the guys were saying that was the best high school talent there was in Oklahoma. I want to go out there on the mound every time and represent it like I know I can," said, Houser.