Skiatook Mother Bakes Cookies For Cause To Help 90-Year-Old Veteran

Tuesday, March 2nd 2021, 5:50 pm


A Skiatook stay-at-home mom is making cookies to raise money for a man she has never met before. The 90-year-old veteran who lives at the end of her street had his house burn down in a fire. Now she is stepping up, alongside businesses all over the community, to get him back on his feet again.

"I have made this cookie recipe for Christmas cookies for 8 years probably," Samara Jordan said. "Baking- I get it from my mom and grandma and that is my way of showing love."

The Skiatook Community is doing what they can, with what they have, right where they are - as they rally around a 90-year-old veteran named Buddy. He just lost his house and everything inside in a fire, just months after he lost his wife. 

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"My brother serves, and I just have a heart for anyone who serves. I have tried to raise my daughter where, if you are at a restaurant and you see someone in their colors that you go and pay respects and say thank you," said Jordan. "I don't have any physical things to offer this man, being so young I am just starting adulting, so I think this was a way I could help out."

Jordan is making homemade sugar cookies with homemade icing.

"It just really touched my heart. He lost everything, and I just can't imagine," said Samara. 

Each cookie is in the shape of a heart with an American Flag on top. She sells the cookies by the dozen and said she has already raised hundreds of dollars for Buddy, even though they have never met before. 

"Two [dollars] of each order goes to supplies and the rest goes to help him with whatever he is needing, and he is starting over so he will need everything," said Jordan. 

Businesses and organizations all over Skiatook are challenging each other to do what they can to rally around Buddy, a local hero whose story has captured the hearts of people he has never met before.

"We are so appreciative of his service. Our hearts just truly go out to him, that he is not alone in this community after losing his wife, he has people here who care. I hope that of all the things he has lost, he realizes how much more he has gained," said Jordan.

If you would like to order cookies and support Buddy, visit the Facebook page here.

You can also help Buddy through the VFW Auxiliary in Skiatook here.