City Of Tulsa Repairs More Than 10,000 Potholes Since Winter Storms

Friday, March 5th 2021, 9:43 pm

TULSA, Okla. -

The City of Tulsa reported crews have worked on more than 10,000 potholes since the historic winter storms wrapped up in February.

Street maintenance manager Tim McCorkell said he has not seen pothole issues like this in the city since 2013.

“It was very detrimental to the pavement system,” McCorkell said.

McCorkell also said the dry weather this week has helped crews catch up on potholes all over the city.

Eight crews are working constantly and prioritizing potholes that are considered hazardous, according to McCorkell.

News On 6 talked to drivers and motorcycle riders about what they are seeing.

"You can hear them: Boom!” said James Townes of Tulsa. “And I just pray that those cars are alright."

Drivers like Townes said they are dodging to avoid damage.

"You have to swerve left and right to miss potholes,” Townes said.

McCorkell said most of the pothole problems are along Memorial Drive, especially from 81st to 91st Streets, where the Oklahoma Department of Transportation is also working on a project.

Many drivers and riders told News On 6 they think the city is doing a fine job keeping up with the potholes.

"Everything's kind of different on two wheels rather than four, you know what I mean,” said Jaden Manning, a motorcycle rider. “It kind of raises awareness for all of us." 

McCorkell said the city has $400,000 set aside for concrete, asphalt and crack seal materials to fix the streets, and he believes that should be enough.

"With the packages that have been done in the last few years, it's really helped improve the streets and plus, we also gained 11 employees on one of the last votes on Improve Our Tulsa, which those crews mainly concentrate on crack sealing, so we have a better maintenance program,” explained McCorkell.

You can report potholes in Tulsa by dialing 311, using the free 311 app and also logging on to

The city asks that the public describes the pothole in reports so crews will know whether to prioritize the location as an emergency.