Mounds Woman Reflects On Aftermath Of COVID-19 Battle

Saturday, March 6th 2021, 9:20 pm

MOUNDS, Okla. -

Saturday marks one year since Governor Kevin Stitt announced the first case of COVID-19 in Oklahoma.

Mounds resident Rhonda Constien said she’s blessed to be alive after experiencing what she calls one of the toughest battles of her life.

“We are the fortune ones, that have been blessed that I got to live,” Constien said.

Constien, and her husband Dennis, still remember the physical and emotional battle of COVID-19 back in December. She spent nearly three weeks in the hospital.

“I started feeling bad that Wednesday and, by the weekend, I knew I was really sick,” Constien said.

Constien tested positive for COVID-19 on Dec. 14, but she said the virus would eventually affect her blood oxygen level, causing her to be rushed to an emergency room.

“There weren’t any beds in town, and they told us to go back home and continue to monitor,” Dennis Constien said. “The morning of the 23rd, she woke up gasping for air.”

During the second trip to the ER, there weren’t any beds available in Tulsa or even in the state. However, Dennis said by God’s grace doctors were able to find a hospital in Denver, Colorado, that had a bed available.

“We fully think that was God’s blessing. God granted us that opportunity to have her close,” Dennis Constien said.

The grueling experience might have been several months ago, but Constien said she still battles with the aftermath of the virus. She still struggles with shortness of breath.

“It’s definitely been a long year and we pray for all those families that are battling it and there are so many that have had to go through this,” Dennis Constien said.

Constien said she continues to visit her primary care doctor as she continues to get better.