From Hominy To Hopefully The NFL, Zaven Collins Impresses At Pro Day

Friday, April 2nd 2021, 10:39 pm

Four former Golden Hurricane worked out in front of NFL scouts, but all eyes were on linebacker Zaven Collins. 

Collins impressed the scouts on the bench, putting up 19 reps and recording 35 inches on his vertical jump. He hopes his effort Friday solidifies his status as the first ever first-round draft pick in Tulsa football history.

“Anything I do today, good, bad or ugly, is going to help me. From just working out, from that standpoint, there is going to be people out there that think I didn't really look good and there is going to be people that think I look great. Everyone has their own opinion and I think I did great and that’s all that matters," said Collins.

From Hominy, Oklahoma, to playing professional football on Sunday, the journey has been a little surreal at times for the possible first-round draft pick.

“Things come at you at a million directions and you’re pulled a million different ways you just have to sit back and focus on the things that got you here," said Collins.

The motivation for Collins to succeed comes from his mom who has been cheering him on the entire way.

"Succeeding for her has always been one of the biggest goals in my life, succeeding for myself as well and my family, but doing it for her is the biggest thing," said Collins.

The NFL Draft begins April 29 and ends May 1.