TU’s Frank Haith Weighs In On New NCAA Transfer Rules: ‘Like A Recruiting Wild West’

Friday, April 16th 2021, 10:34 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

College basketball will see a new change moving forward after the NCAA council has approved a one-time immediate eligibility for players that transfer to new schools. Tulsa Head Coach Frank Haith spoke on what the new rule means for the Golden Hurricane.

Haith said the NCAA's newest transfer rule will turn college basketball into the wild west with recruiting and adding new players from the transfer portal.

"It’s tough for guys like that have been around a long time. Adjustments is part of it, and you have to get with it. We are in a microwave society and now it’s becoming easier for those kids to, if they don't get what they want, they can leave," said Haith.

Gone are the days of grooming a player to your roster with practice and training. Haith said you either adapt with the new system or you will be left behind.

"The purest of coaching which I am, I think, I have come up in that era where we recruit freshman and you get a little bit of time and then they are sophomores and they play a little more and then they are front line guys their junior and senior years - that isn’t happening right now," said Haith.  

The transfer portal also has a huge impact on high school recruits looking to earn a roster spot. Now, they also have to compete like never before thanks to the explosion of transfers.

"There are 1,300 kids in the transfer portal. A lot of high school kids will struggle with it I think, we are seeing the effects," said Haith.