Tulsa Parks Master Plan Continues With Input From Residents

Wednesday, July 21st 2021, 3:01 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Tulsans will soon have a chance to give their input on things they would like to see in their neighborhood parks. Tulsa's master parks plan is something the parks department has been working on since before the pandemic, but leaders said with so many people spending time outside and visiting neighborhood parks, they're getting a lot of feedback on what to include in that plan.

“I don’t live very far from here I can walk. I have walked over here. So yeah I think it’s a good location," said Michael Duffy.

Duffy said he's happy to spend time at Whiteside Park walking three miles on the trails each day. “I’m very happy with it. They came and they paved everything and that’s good. They seem to keep up with this park, they really do. I just think it’s nice. People are friendly and outgoing," said Duffy.

A recent study from Tulsa's parks department shows trails are a top priority for residents. The study also shows people want to see better maintenance at existing parks and increased safety. “Security and safety to them doesn’t always mean somebody else is threatening you. It may just mean hey that trail is too dark I might trip or better access through parts of town. Particularly south Tulsa where people can’t get to a park safely walking or riding a bike,” said Anna America.

At the height of the pandemic, basketball goals, swing sets, and other equipment were taken down. Parks Director Anna America said even then more people visited Tulsa's 135 parks and that trend is continuing.

“People were really just hungry for getting out and being active and seeing each other you know when we were so isolated and we weren’t able to do so many things. So I think it really highlighted for all of us how valuable our parks and our greenspaces are," said America.

She said her department is also seeing an interest in sports like golf, disk golf, and pickleball increase. She said there will be an open meeting on August 10th at 6pm where residents can give more feedback about the master plan.