Pride Of Broken Arrow To Give Encore Performance After Grand National Win

Monday, November 15th 2021, 6:13 pm

BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma -

The Pride of Broken Arrow won a national band competition and broke the record for the highest score ever in the "Bands of America" competition this weekend.

The band is back and ready to perform again, this time at home, for an encore performance Tuesday, at Tiger Memorial Stadium.

The Pride of Broken Arrow showed off its very best at Lucas Oil Stadium, home to the Indianapolis Colts, and the stage for the 2021 Bands of America Grand National Finals.

A roughly ten-minute performance of the students' hard work, talent and dedication earned them the highest score ever in the competition's history, 98.25.

"Honestly, chaos. I mean I didn't even really know what score we got until after, because I mean they announced the first number, 98, and then everybody was screaming,” Junior Connor Westcott said. “It was crazy.”

"It's pretty humbling to know that in the near 50 years that they've been doing the national championship for Bands of America, that we just set a ‘recordized’ score,” BA High School Band Director Darrin Davis said.

Westcott, a junior who performs on the drumline, was back at school Monday. The big win is still sinking in, and he wants to congratulate the other bands that competed.

"All of the other bands did amazing,” he said. “I mean there wasn't a performance I saw that I didn't like."

The band will soon add 2021 to its banner showing its ongoing list of wins for this award, with this year being remembered as historic.

"It's gonna be hard to follow that up next year, I think,” Westcott said.

Davis said Tuesday’s encore performance at 7:00 will be a fundraiser. The district wants to raise money to help students get championship rings for their big win.