Skiatook Couple Facing Child Neglect Charges For Leaving 20-Month-Old Home Alone

Saturday, December 4th 2021, 10:35 pm


A Skiatook couple faces child neglect charges after police said they left their toddler home alone.

Police said when they arrested Francisco and Bethany Rangel, the couple was more than 9 miles away from their house where they left their nearly 2-year-old baby home alone.

Collinsville Police pulled over Francisco and Bethany Rangel Wednesday night to investigate a domestic dispute, but the investigation quickly took a turn.

Police said they stopped the couple near 156th and Memorial after the wife called for help saying Francisco was trying to push her out of the vehicle.

Reports show they were on their way home from the store and got into an argument over messages between Francisco and another woman.

"Obviously when they found out, you know, a child was involved, then the next thing is obviously the most important thing, is the safety of the child," said Steven Haley, Deputy Chief Skiatook PD.

Police said during the investigation, the couple admitted their 2-year son was home alone in Skiatook and had asked the neighbors to check on him.

Collinsville Police and the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office contacted Skiatook Police.

"It's very heartbreaking. Nobody wants to see a child harmed," said Haley. "Every day is a battle, you know, in a police officer's life... what they have to deal with, you know, and take home, and you know, try to not take it home, but it's just like I said, it's something, you know, over time you get accustomed to it, but you never get used to it."

Officers said they found the child on the bed crying.

Police said the little boy was checked out by EMS and released to a babysitter at the request of DHS.

"Anytime you know somebody thinks there's neglect going on you know they contact the police department or contact DHS so it can be investigated. Nobody wants to see a child harmed," said Haley.

The parents were booked into the Osage County Jail on child neglect complaints and Francisco bonded out Saturday.

Haley said Collinsville PD, TCSO, Osage Co. Sheriff's Office and DHS all helped in some way.