Sewage Testing Indicates Omicron Dropping In Oklahoma City

Tuesday, February 8th 2022, 4:02 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

The latest available results from sewage testing indicate community transmission of COVID-19 has dropped recently in Oklahoma City but continues at high levels in Tulsa.

The results, reported by the Oklahoma Water Survey office at the University of Oklahoma, measures levels of the virus in wastewater, which typically is an advanced indicator of reported individual cases by 7-10 days.

“Omicron showed up and had a sharp rise in Oklahoma City about a week before it did in Tulsa in the wastewater. And Oklahoma City over the last several days has taken a sharp drop off. We haven't seen that sharp drop-off in Tulsa but if it reflects Oklahoma City, but a week behind like the rest of the Omicron wave coming in, I'd suspect we'll be seeing that in Tulsa as well,” said Dr. Jason Vogel, who directs the Survey.

Public Health officials in Tulsa encourage people to take precautions because even if Omicron is at what they described as a “high plateau” it’s still spreading widely in the community and infecting many people, especially those who are unvaccinated.

“I think it's good news that we're hoping to see a decrease soon for Tulsa and Oklahoma as well, but the reality is that the virus is very opportunistic, looking to infect, so we can't step back from being careful, being protected and I hope people keep that in mind,” said Dr. Bruce Dart, the Director of the Tulsa Health Department.

Dart’s office reported Tuesday that 64% of Tulsans who are eligible for vaccination have taken two doses, and 40% of those eligible have taken the booster.