Bodycam Video Shows Arrest Of Suspects Hiding In A Dumpster & Sewer, Accused Of Stealing Car

Wednesday, May 18th 2022, 6:14 pm


An Oklahoma City police K-9 helped officers track down two suspects, accused of stealing a car from a driveway near SW 63rd St. and Walker Ave. 

"It happened just as we've seen it happen so many times in the past with someone getting out of their car for a few minutes," said Msgt. Gary Knight, with Oklahoma City Police. "Leaving the car running only to come back and find that it's missing." 

Luckily, the victim's cell phone was still inside, and the hunt was on. 

Officers and Air 1 caught up to it near I-240 and Western, leading to a police chase that spanned the city, ending 20 miles away at an apartment complex off Northwest Expressway. 

"When it ended there were two people who bailed out of the vehicle and fled," said Knight. "There were several officers in the area including a k-9 unit." 

One of the suspects jumped into a dumpster. 

"Get out of that dumpster the dogs coming in, get out of the dumpster," an officer on scene said. 

The officer eventually tells the suspect to put his hands up and crawl out. The other suspect was found in a sewer. 

Police were able to crawl through and put the man in handcuffs.  

Willie Prince and Chance Jefferson were booked in the Oklahoma County Jail and the vehicle was safely recovered.