Controversial Bills Headed To Governor Stitt's Desk As Legislative Session Nears End

Friday, May 20th 2022, 6:10 am


Two controversial pieces of legislation are heading to Gov. Kevin Stitt's desk.

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One deals with bathrooms in public schools, while the other puts more limits on abortions.

This abortion bill is the third of its kind to land on the governor’s desk this year, and Stitt is expected to sign it.

This is what is known about the latest abortion bill.

It bans abortions beginning at fertilization or conception.

It would allow private citizens to sue those who perform the procedure.

It does include exceptions in life-or-death situations, and those involving rape or incest that have been reported to police.

The bill also includes language attempting to prevent legal challenges to the legislation.

According to the bill, “no court of this state shall have jurisdiction to consider any action, claim, or counterclaim that seeks declaratory or injunctive relief to prevent a private individual from enforcing any provision or application of this act, or from filing a civil action under this act.”

Gov. Stitt has said he will sign any piece of pro-life legislation that makes it to his desk.

The bill would go into effect immediately if signed.

Another bill is also in the governor's hands, and has to do with gender bathroom use.

This legislation requires student to use the bathroom that aligns with their biological sex assigned at birth.

This only applies to public schools.

If a school is found to not be in compliance, they would lose 5% of funding.