OMMA's Seed To Sale System Begins

Thursday, May 26th 2022, 6:51 am

This Thursday marks the beginning of the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority's new seed to sale system.

That will now track marijuana products sold in real time.

One of the overall goals is to filter out illegal activity in the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry.

The new seed to sale system has been in the works now for awhile and was held up for nearly 10 months by a lawsuit.

The system tracks marijuana plants and products from when they're planted to when they're sold.

For the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority, seed to sale will be a great tool, not just for tracking products in the real time, but also for keeping customers safe.

"I do believe this will create more transparency and help us weed out those bad actors who are not operating and trying to skirt the state laws," said Porsha Riley from the OMMA.

From Thursday on, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority will go down the line, making calls to licensed businesses making sure they are compliant.

Those who aren't could eventually face administrative actions, which could include the revoking of licenses.