New Multi-Use Building Planned For Downtown Jenks

Thursday, May 26th 2022, 4:21 pm

JENKS, Oklahoma -

More dining and shopping will be coming to downtown Jenks as developers announced a plan for a new multi-use space.

It's a $10 million project that will be more than 30,000 square feet.

"Jenks is on this teetering point, it's ready to pop," says developer Josh McFarland.

Developer Josh McFarland is leading the project and says downtown Jenks was made for something like this.

He says the area is destined to be like Cherry Street in Tulsa or the Rose District in Broken Arrow.

"We need more sit-down restaurants, we need more density, more people, more sales tax, and that's what we're creating with this project," he said.

The project will revamp the Tedford Insurance building and add a new three-story space next door.

It will have office space and dining, like Shelia Anne's Pies and a steakhouse by the McNellie's Group.

Mayor Cory Box says this is only the beginning of what's planned for Downtown Jenks.

"This is our opportunity to kind of really look up and down this road and start seeing this project is just step one, I'd like to see this happen again over there, and over there, and it will be happening down there," Mayor Box said.

Mayor Box says the historic element of downtown is important to the city, and the new space will have that kind of feel.

He says he thinks people who live in Jenks will be happy with the new business.

"We wanted to build something new, that actually looks and feels old, and still maintains that charm. I think this encapsulates what the citizens wanted and it really makes us feel good to deliver something that the majority wants," he said.

McFarland says the project should be finished by the end of summer 2023.