Muskogee County Deputies Rescue Residents From Burning Home

Tuesday, June 14th 2022, 5:23 pm


Two deputies with the Muskogee County Sheriff’s Office saved an elderly man and his mother from their burning home.

“My first thing was, if they’re in there, get them out,” said Lieutenant Nick Orman, with the Muskogee County Sheriff’s Office.

Orman and Deputy Dylan Carder said they didn’t think twice before jumping into action on Saturday, as soon as they got the call about a house fire in Oktaha.

“Bailed out the patrol car, hopped the fence, ran up to the door, it was locked,” said Carder. “In my opinion, you show up to a house that has cars in the driveway with a porch light on, it tells me somebody lives there.”

Orman and Carder were able to wake up two people inside, an elderly man and his mother. Both got out safely.

The deputies said rescuing others is just part of the job.

“We don’t do this job for glorification, or atta-boys, or awards, we go out and we just do work,” said Orman. “That’s what we did. I mean, I would do it again right now.”

“Everybody wants to have that big hero moment,” said Carder. “Yeah you kind of feel like a hero at the end of the day, but that’s not what we’re out here for. We have a job to do, and I plan to do that to the best of my abilities.”

These deputies, who are also brothers, said they would want the same treatment if someone in their family needed help.

“Even though we wear a vest and gun and badge, we still are human beings, we have emotions, what if that was our family, just because we wear this stuff doesn’t mean we don’t care about people,” said Orman. “We would do it for anybody.”

They said their training and instincts helped them know what to do quickly.