2 More Suspects In Custody In Connection To Deadly Shooting At Taft Memorial Day Festival

Friday, June 24th 2022, 7:25 am


Breaking News Update 7:30 a.m. 6/24/22:

The Muskogee County District Attorney's Office says Gervorise Warrior and Keshawn Jackson surrendered to authorities on Thursday night.

The two were charged in connection to a deadly shooting that took place at a Memorial Day Festival in Taft in late May.

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Authorities arrested a second suspect in the mass shooting in Taft, and have charged two other men who are still being sought.

The District Attorney said the first man, Skyler Buckner, turned himself in soon after the shooting, and Kendall Alexander was arrested today in joint operation between the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and OSBI.

Charges have also been filed against Gervorise Warrior and Keshawn Jackson, both of Muskogee, but authorities have not located them yet.

The shooting happened during a Memorial Day festival in Taft, when at least four people started shooting.

"Over 40 shots were fired into a crowd of over 1500 people. It's a miracle no one else died," DA Larry Edwards said.

The woman killed was 39 year old Sharika Bowler, who had no connection, authorities say, to any one of men facing charges connected to her murder.

A small memorial in Taft marks the spot of the shooting.

"The victim was random completely. She was there with family enjoying the event, not targeted in any way. And just happened to be a bystander, who when gunfire erupted, she was unfortunately the person shot and killed" said Edwards.

He said the investigation continues and they need eyewitnesses to come forward. "With close to 1500 people there, we've only interviewed a handful, those are the people willing to talk with us at this point."

Tips should go to the Sheriff's department, or the OSBI, which is handling the case.

A memorial service for Sharika Bowler was held last Saturday.