'Very Stupid Move If The Rumors Are True:' Stalemate Continues Between Governor And Senate

At the state Capitol, the tension is rising between the governor and Senate. Rumors were swirling at the Capitol: that Governor Kevin Stitt was trying to replace sitting republican senators.

Friday, March 29th 2024, 3:43 pm

By: News 9, Haley Weger


At the state Capitol, the stalemate between the senate and governor continues.

The two haven’t seen eye to eye on tax cuts and budget issues, and now rumors are swirling that Governor Stitt is trying to replace sitting senators.

“We've heard from members who have been hit up by his operation to go after our members and that's not well received. It's a very stupid move if he really is doing it if the rumors are true,” said Senate Pro Tem Greg Treat.

“It's disappointing when he's calling me stupid,” said Gov. Stitt. “I just think that's uncalled for and Oklahoma politics. I wish we would be above it”

Gov. Stitt is curbing the rumors, saying he hasn’t even decided who he’s endorsing in the upcoming senate race. Stitt says a handful of people have reached out to him, asking for his support, but he hasn’t made any promises.

“Here's the bottom line: as governor, people ask me who I'm going to support, who they should vote for, and I wanna work with conservative legislators,” said Gov. Stitt. 

With 40 sitting republican senators and only eight Democrats, Treat says they’ve worked to complete all of the governor’s requests, saying he is not sure what else they could do to please Gov. Stitt.

“We've eliminated abortion in Oklahoma, we cut taxes, we eliminated the grocery sales tax, we have school choice. We've hit all the highlights that the governor espoused our beliefs, but we haven't done it in the exact manner that he wants us to I guess,” said Treat.

Gov. Stitt says the lack of appetite for additional tax cuts in the state senate is upsetting to him. The Senate rolled out a preliminary budget this month that he says is too expensive.

He says the stalemate between the Senate and his team has him looking forward to new leadership. “I'm for limited government and I'm for helping conservatives get elected,” said Stitt.

Treat is terming out in November and is expected to be replaced by Senator Greg McCourtney. 

“Even though I'm termed out, I will do everything I can outside this building in a non-official capacity to help my colleagues who are really making a difference in Oklahoma,” said Treat.

While the governor has not decided who he plans to endorse for the upcoming senate race, he says he is open to new options.

“If you're a conservative, ready to run, I'm happy to meet with you. The filing date is April 3rd through the 5th,” said Gov. Stitt.


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