Firefighters across Oklahoma are continuing to stay busy these days because of wildfires.

At least three fires burned about 1,100 acres near Bristow Wednesday. Strong winds and extremely dry conditions are making it difficult. With the help of air support, firefighters were able to keep the flames away from homes.

Firefighter Neil Carlson: "The wind is really tough to deal with. The light fuels and stuff, it likes to travel quite fast. So we do our best to anchor and flank and keep everybody out of trouble, do everything we can without getting hurt."

Firefighters from across the country are working in Oklahoma. Many helped with the fires in Creek County, but those wildfires aren't the only ones in the state.

Moore and southeast Oklahoma City also battled a large grassfire on Wednesday. More than 4,000 acres burned and at least one structure was destroyed, but no major injuries are reported.

A number of people were evacuated, but they were allowed to return to their homes a couple of hours later. The causes of the fires are under investigation.