Basketball fans everywhere are celebrating the season and it started with a bang Thursday in Tulsa.

With 4 Oklahoma teams playing in the first round of the NCAA tournament this week, basketball hoopla is officially underway.

News on 6 reporter Jennifer Loren hit the town to catch some fans in action. Game number one, the Oklahoma Sooners versus Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Brad Ernest: "March Madness is always a great time of year. We fill up the building for all the games. With OU kicking it off on Thursday morning. It can't get any better than that."

Fans at the Fox and Hound Pub at 71st and Garnett got their seats early, ready for the 11:30 AM tipoff. Gregg Bayouth: “this is a great time of year. Take extra long lunches this time of year."

In March Madness, work appears to be optional for die hard basketball fans. Jeff Moore: "Well, I could have called in sick. Most people call in sick, get that cough, get that cough this time of year. I just told my boss I'm taking the day off. I'm not even going to lie to you. “

It’s a different story though for ORU fans. The Golden Eagles will take on the Memphis Tigers Friday in Dallas. But its spring break and right now their campus is bare. Don't worry though, ORU fans are still going to meet. The school is hosting a watch party for their fans.

It will be in ORU's cafeteria, complete with game day concessions.

The TU women's basketball team got a gracious good bye from fans. The Golden Hurricane headed to Chicago where they'll play NC State Saturday night. Tom Holland: "We're really excited about having them progress this far and we're hoping they win 2 games and go on to the Sweet 16!”

A whole lotta hoopla, the players hope they can live up to. ORU plays Friday afternoon at 1:50. You can catch the game on Channel 6.

TU women play Saturday night at 9:30 PM.