OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) _ City officials in Muskogee are violating state open records and meeting laws, state Attorney General Drew Edmondson says.

The apparent violations include charging three dollars for a police report, instead of 25 cents per page, and a dollar-fifty per page for colored copies instead of 25 cents per page.

The city also has held closed sessions during meetings to discuss employment of officials without listing the employee's name and-or position on the agenda; and has listed only ``bids and claims'' for an agenda item without providing additional information.

The Oklahoman contacted Edmondson on Friday after a candidate for the city council, Mark Hughes, told reporters about the possible violations.

Muskogee's city attorney, Steve Cousparis, refused to speak about the issue Friday. Muskogee Mayor Hershel McBride says city manager Walt Beckham and police chief Rex Eskridge are responsible for setting copying fees.