Lots of us can sing in the shower, or sing along with the car radio. But how about standing near home plate and leading a stadium full of people in the Star-Spangled Banner?

Friday was open mic day at Drillers Stadium. News on 6 reporter Rick Wells stopped by, not to sing, but to listen.

Oh, say can you sing the national anthem? Lots of folks think so. Dozens came out to Tulsa Drillers Stadium to strut their stuff. Wendy Palmer was first up. It was a nice straightforward version and that's what they're looking for. Brian Carroll with the Tulsa Drillers: "Not that they can't put personal touches on it, but we want pretty much a traditional version."

For a lot of people, Whitney Houston's performance at the ‘91 Super Bowl is the tops. While Rosanne's version at a baseball game later that summer is the worst.

The Tulsa Drillers’ audition drew singers young and old voices big and small. Even great singers agree it's a tough song and the words can throw you.

The Tulsa Drillers expected 40 or so singers to audition before the afternoon was over.