By Dan Bewley and Terry Hood, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- An elderly Tulsa couple is in the hospital after a carjacking suspect slammed into their car. Tulsa Police are still looking for the driver.

The couple's family is hoping for the best.

Bob and Barbara Bartholic have known each other more than 50 years and have eight children and step-children between them. Tuesday night they were in a horrific accident on North Peoria.

"Right now dad's vital signs are good and the swelling in his brain - which is going to happen, but it can be damaging - so far is not too much," said Chris Rogers, daughter of the accident victims.

Chris Rodgers is Bob's oldest daughter. She says her father was well-known in the Tulsa art community, and she has several of his paintings in her home.

"He's kind of quiet and reserved, but I don't think anybody that has ever met him didn't like him," she said.

Police say a teenage boy carjacked an older model Chevy from a nearby restaurant. An hour later he ran into the Bartholic's car from behind.

"The only witness we have stated that the other vehicle involved was traveling at a high rate of speed when they had passed them," said Captain Mark Milstead of the Tulsa Fire Department.

The couple was ejected, and Rodgers doesn't believe they were wearing seatbelts.

"Your feeling is it's not fair, but the world's not fair, but that's way you feel," said Chris Rodgers, daughter of the accident victims. "It's like, 'damn' - not fair."

Rodgers says her faith teaches mercy and forgiveness, and she feels for the suspects as much as for her father and step-mother.

She says no matter the extent of her father's injuries, he would do the same.

"My dad practices compassion, and I don't think he would think - he would think that that person had their own road that they are going to have to go through."

Police are still looking for the carjacking suspect, anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers at 596-COPS.