By Chris Wright, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- Tulsans had their say on the city's future.  The firm that crated PLANiTulsa presented it to the public Tuesday evening.  After a year and a half, PLANiTulsa is in its final stages.

Soon it will be up to city leaders to decide whether or not they agree with this vision for the future of the city.

Residents from all over the city showed up to hear the PLANiTulsa proposal.

Many were optimistic, others still a bit skeptical.

"It will move us in a direction where we can start developing parts of this city that are developable and get a return on investment," said Dave Strader, Pearl District President.

The News On 6 asked Michael O'Neil, Tulsa resident, "What do you think of the job they've done so far?" "Well, I'm more worried about implementation than planning."

An urban planning firm has spent 18 months putting the plan together.

It analyzed a number of Tulsa neighborhoods.

The goal is lay out changes for the next 30 years that will develop a vibrant and dynamic economy, attract young people, provide effective transportation and housing choices and protect the environment.

The firm has been asking for feedback since releasing a draft of its vision this fall, and it was looking for more.

There was an interactive element to Tuesday's presentation. Everyone who attends get one of these clickers. There will be a series of questions, you'll give your corresponding answer, and the planners get some instant feedback."

So after some final tweaks, the PLANiTulsa vision will be handed over to city leaders.

"Really at this point our draft is out there. The planning commission and council will be making the changes from now on. They'll be the ones looking at modifying the plan," said John Fregonese, Fregonese and Associates.

And that, more so than the contents of the plan, worries some Tulsans.

"I know that this has been thought out, this has been democratic. Now it's time for the politics to start, and the politics will be pretty interesting," O'Neil said.

The 45 page plan is still available online.