Chris Howell

TULSA---The mascot at Robert E. Peary Elementary School in Tulsa is the polar bear. So when two trees died out front of the school last year, principal Donna Farrell called in chainsaw artist Clayton Coss to sculpt the trees into a proper tribute.

Yesterday and today Coss was at Peary carving the stumps into polar bears, two cubs climbing a tree and a single bear cub.

‘The kids are loving it,' said music teacher Tavis Minner, ‘they come out here and see what he is doing, and they're like maybe I can do that one day.'

Clayton's skillful use of the chainsaw impressed the children, and he hopes his work will inspire them for years to come.

‘You may never know how you inspired somebody,' he said, ‘it may lock in one kid's mind for the rest of his life.

Peary Elementary is located at 10818 E 17th St. in Tulsa.