TULSA, OK -- A huge Russian cargo jet arrived in Tulsa Tuesday morning, after making stops in Minneapolis and Lawton.

The plane is an Antonov 124 or An-124 for short. Its Russian name is Ruslan, but it's known in the West as the Condor.

The An-124 is similar to the American-made C-5 Galaxy used by the United States Air Force.  However, it weighs more than the C-5 and can lift more, carrying loads up to about 500,000 pounds.

Its wings span a distance of 240 feet, only 60 feet shy of a football field, and its tail stands just two feet short of a 7-story building.

An-124s visit Tulsa from time to time to pick up heavy and/or bulky oilfield equipment to transport them to locations around the world.

An-124s have also carried parts of airplanes manufactured in Oklahoma to other factories across the country.

This particular Condor arrived in Tulsa after making a stop in Lawton and Minneapolis, in a flight that originated at East Midlands Airport in England on Monday.

According to Tulsa International Airport, this time it's here only to refuel and to allow the crew to rest.

You can keep an eye on it by checking's SkyCam network.

According to TIA, it will depart Tuesday at midnight. If the wind is out of the south, the plane will take off to the south, making its departure over mid-town Tulsa.