MAYES COUNTY, Oklahoma - A Locust Grove man is in the Mayes County jail on two complaints of first degree murder.

Mayes County Sheriff Frank Cantey says his investigators have arrested 35-year-old Jason Miller after he called the Locust Grove Police at 5 a.m. Thursday saying he had killed two men at his home.

Cantey says the two victims have been identified as William Brizendine, 42, of Rose and Ronald O'Rear, 48, of Locust Grove.

Investigators say three friends were at a house east of Locust Grove and had just whipped up a batch of fry bread.

Then at about 5 in the morning, Miller called Locust Grove police.

"A guy had called and said he'd just killed two people," said Mayes County Sheriff Frank Cantey.

Mayes County deputies found what Sheriff Frank Cantey calls one of the most horrific scenes he has seen in 40 years in law enforcement.

"He was covered in blood; he had blood on his clothes. There was blood on the walls. Where the guy had tried to go out the back door there was a bloody hand print on the back door," Cantey said.

Ronald O'Rear was shot twice in the chest with an AR-15 rifle. William Brizendine, who was commonly known as Lonnie, was shot once, beaten with the rifle, and then stabbed with his own knife.

"He said, ‘as I pulled back on the rifle around his neck, I reached in and pulled his knife out of his scabbard and stabbed him in the neck three times,'" Sheriff Cantey said.

Investigators say Miller told them the two victims had tried to steal from him.

Neighbors find it hard to believe what happened in what is usually a quiet area and are glad a quick arrest was made.

"You never know. It happens everywhere I guess, shouldn't be too surprised," said neighbor Joe Henry.

"We have pretty good law enforcement in Mayes County. We're a small county and don't have as many people as Tulsa and Oklahoma City, but they work hard," said neighbor Raymond Davis.

Investigators say all three men have been in jail before, and all three have been known to use meth, but they aren't sure if they were using drugs at the time of the murders.

Miller is being held in the Mayes County jail on two counts of first degree murder. Drug testing will be done on all three men to determine of drugs were involved in the deaths.