MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma - A 5-year-old Muskogee girl is recovering in the hospital after being severely shocked on Memorial Day. It put her in a coma for two days.

Zamarie Whitfield's family says she was just moments away from losing her life. They say Zamarie is now awake in her hospital bed but has limited movement and still can't speak.

Her mother, Lakria Garrett, says it's difficult to watch, as the little girl who was always running, jumping and doing flips, now lies in a Tulsa hospital bed.

"You are just waiting for her to say something, just say 'momma,'" Lakria said. "I just stand by her bed just waiting. I see her little eyes just looking around."

Garrett says the entire family was enjoying a Memorial Day bar-b-que at their parents house in Muskogee. They were getting ready to leave when the day took a terrifying turn.

"There was no time to think," said Kenny Garrett, Zamarie's stepfather. "I took my shirt off, and grabbed her by her feet and pulled her."

Garrett says little Zamarie had been in and out of the water all day - playing with her older brother and cousins. He says the group had started playing on a parade float in the yard when a display light fell onto a chair propped up against it.

"I guess she touched that metal chair and so all the voltage went to her," Kenny said. "At that point she's gone, her eyes are closed and everything."

Lamonte King helped rush Zamarie to the hospital. He says he's replayed the event over and over in his head - wondering if they could have done anything else.

"I feel like we've did everything we possibly could to get her that chance," he said.

King says doctors told the family any longer and Zamarie wouldn't have made it. He says they've also been surprised with how far along she's came in the last three weeks.

"Everybody is wanting to see her the way she was," said Lamonte King.

Zamarie's mother doesn't know if her daughter will get to that point but knows her strong little girl is capable of anything.

"She's my miracle baby, that's just what I keep saying, she's my miracle baby," Lakria Garrett said.

Zamarie will begin rehabilitation next week.

There are a number of events and accounts set up to help the family with medical costs - including a fundraiser at Spaulding Park in Muskogee next Saturday.

How you can help:

Donate to bank account: Firstar Bank, 510 N. Main Street, Muskogee 918-681-1650.
Donate at church: New Hope Baptist Church, P.O. Box 82, Oktaha, OK 74450.

Attend events: Bake and yard sale at Brooks Detail, 620 N. Main Street in Muskogee on the morning of Friday, June 21.
Fundraiser at Spaulding Park in Muskogee starts at 10 a.m. Saturday, June 22.