OWASSO, Oklahoma - Police say a homeowner shot a man Sunday night after the man crashed into the back door of the Owasso home, trying to get inside.

Some residents in the Honey Creek neighborhood say, in light of this home invasion, they're taking extra steps to protect themselves.

Police say 44-year-old Timothy Wall tried to break into the home off of East 100th Place North.

"The homeowner advised dispatch, who was still on with 911, that he had just shot the suspect who had broken the back door," said Owasso Police Capt. Tracy Townsend.

Police say Wall was shot in the thigh and taken to St. John Hospital in Tulsa.

Neighbors say Wall suffers from a mental condition, but they understand the homeowner had to do something to protect himself and his family.

"At one point is, you've got to understand the guy [is] delusional there and doesn't understand what he was doing, but on the other side you've got to understand that the homeowner--you don't know what the guy is seeing, so he had to defend himself there, and his wife, at the time," said neighbor Eric Hamblin.

Neighbors say this isn't the first time that Timothy has tried to enter someone else's home, and now they say they're living in fear.

"This is terrifying for us. We have to put special locks on our door. We have whole hotel locks on our door. Now our neighbors are getting them," said a neighbor, who didn't want to be identified.

She said Wall has tried to get into their home before.

"I know it's Oklahoma, but are we going to be the wild wild west now to protect our children and ourselves? It's frightening," she said.

"We are worried about, in the neighborhood there, that if that happened again, and let's say kids were at home alone, or something like that happened and--what do you do?" Hamblin said.

Neighbors say they have looked in to requesting protective orders to stop any future contact from Wall. As of now, no protective orders have been filed.

"Now that this has been elevated to a shooting, perhaps a judge would be willing to listen to what's happening here," Hamblin said.

Wall hasn't been booked into the Tulsa County jail yet.

Owasso police say he's being arrested for first degree burglary once gets out of the hospital.