Growing up next door to Green Country in southeast Kansas, Stacia Knight quickly became familiar with the always-changing Oklahoma weather. She would run back and forth between the TV and the front porch when storms would roll into her hometown of Independence, updating her family, watching the weather man's radar and keeping an eye on the sky. Along with fascination came respect for the strength of Mother Nature and she knew at a young age the importance of being prepared when severe weather strikes. Before having to seek shelter from the storms, she would occasionally put her favorite toys and even the family dog once in the family's shelter area as storms neared. The younger Stacia was already trying to stay ahead of the storms and keep her family safe. She would have put her parents and younger brother in there as well, but they would insist on waiting for instruction from the local meteorologist. When the time came to think about a career, she decided to study what she had first fallen in love with 10 years earlier, the weather.

After graduating from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Atmospheric Science and a minor in Mathematics, Stacia headed to Tulsa to continue learning from Oklahoma's Own Weather Experts. She first joined the News On 6 Warn Team as an intern in August of 2012, before becoming the weekend weather producer in November of that same year. 

Stacia is excited to call herself an Okie, and to help keep you safe and ahead of the good, the bad and the ugly weather. Outside of weather, she likes to play tennis, explore Green Country and take care of her rescue dog, Max.