TULSA, Oklahoma - A survivor of Tulsa’s serial rape suspect said she was asleep in bed when her barking dogs woke her up. She said when she woke up she saw a man coming into her bedroom, moving fast. She said he had a knife, threatened to cut her throat, grabbed her hair and covered her mouth.

The woman is in her 50s and now has a security system, has taken a self-defense class and is going to learn how to use a gun. All things she wished she would've done before this happened, but, she said she never thought it would happen to her.

Her dogs may be small, but, their bark is mighty. It was that bark that warned their owner that an intruder was inside her home. She saw him just moments before he forced her to turn over in bed and got on top of her.

"When he put a knife to my throat, that's when I was like, oh my God, am I going to get raped? Am I going to get killed," the woman said.

He didn't rape her, but did sexually assault her. She said in that moment, her brain went into “shock mode.” She didn't know about the previous attacks and said those moments of complete fear, were life changing.

She felt great relief when she heard the suspect, Desmond Campbell, had been in a car wreck and was in a coma.

"I did celebrate, yes, I did celebrate,” she said. “I wanted him to die. I didn't want to go through court. I didn't want to testify. I wanted him to die."

When she saw Campbell's mugshot, she knew immediately he was the man who'd been in her house.

She said she cried for the victims that followed her as she learned about the attacks. She went through sadness, anger, even guilt at leaving her door open, but is trying to remember that all the blame, all the fault, lies only with Campbell.

"I will not let it defeat me. I've been through a lot of things in my life. This is one of the most fearful, but, no, I will not let this defeat me," she said.

She shared her story because she wants other women to realize something like this can happen to them. There will be other attackers and she wants women to take precautions now, rather than waiting until after something terrible happens.

"Someone warned me to get a security system and I didn't, because you never think it's going to happen to you. I would say, if you're single and live alone, get a security system," the woman said.

She understands how one victim created a sketch that didn't resemble Campbell, because she was certain he was wearing a bright turquoise hoodie, but, it was actually dark. She said your mind plays tricks on you in that moment of incredible stress and adrenalin.

The woman said she would like to get together with the other women who were attacked. She thinks it would be therapeutic for them to talk, share and comfort each other.