"That terrible freak accident killed a Good Samaritan who was only trying to lend a helping hand," said Bartlesville resident Marcia Hutchison.

Hutchison can't believe what happened on her property on the North side of Frank Phillips Boulevard near Comanche Street. OSHA is investigating the accident, since Walls was working when he stopped.

"I just got numb. I couldn't cry, I couldn't do anything," she said.

Hutchison says her brother-in-law was mowing Thursday when he clipped a guy wire for a power pole.

A Good Samaritan, Johnnie Walls, stopped to untangle him.

"The good fellow got out to help the guy in trouble," Hutchison said.

Guy wires aren't insulated since they don't carry an electric current, although some have shields to make them more visible. Walls freed the wire from the machinery, but when the mower hit the wire it was strong enough to bring down a live power line.

The guy wire, used for support, then came into contact with the energized line on the ground.

"And when he threw the line over, it contacted that one and put the power on it, and he reached over to pick that line up again and when he did it got him," said property owner Marcia Hutchison.

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Public Service of Oklahoma says 7,600 volts went through Walls, killing him instantly.

"Eighty-seven and I never dreamed I'd see something like this," Hutchison said. "I still got a knot there; it's sad."

The Sheriff's office says the driver of the tractor wasn't hurt, since he didn't touch the energized guy wire.