TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa police chase ended when a man wrecked his truck on Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad tracks downtown. The truck caught fire and the man took off on foot but was captured, police say.

The chase started shortly before 3 p.m. Monday.

Corporal Kurt Gardner said officers stopped a pickup at near 1000 North Sheridan that matched the description of a vehicle involved in a crime. The driver initially gave police false information, he said. When officers went back to talk to him, there was a struggle and he took off.

The driver led police on a chase on Interstate 244 before exiting onto 1st Street downtown, according to Gardner. He drove onto the train tracks and made it almost a mile before losing a tire near Archer and Main Streets. Tulsa Police and K-9 officers were on scene as the man was taken into custody - and firefighters were called in to put out the truck fire.

Authorities say they learned the driver, David Blaney, had an outstanding felony warrant for trafficking in marijuana.

Other complaints include falseimpersonationn, eluding, obstructing an officer, driving under suspension and resisting arrest. Blaney has former felony convictions.