TULSA, Oklahoma - Police say four people found shot to death inside an east Tulsa apartment Tuesday morning died in a murder-suicide. 

Officers say a roommate found the four at the Bradford Townhouses in the 2100 block of South 109th East Avenue at 12:35 a.m.  

Police said the roommate also found a two-year-old girl sitting on a couch. 

"The only witness we have right now is a minor child that's been traumatized so it'll take a forensic investigator to even attempt to interview a child that young," said Tulsa Police Officer Demita Kinard. 

Homicide detectives say it appears a 35-year-old man shot his 22-year-old wife and then their two children, a five-year-old girl and a three-year-old boy, before killing himself. The surviving toddler was not his child, according to police. Officer Kinard says the girl has been reunited with her mother.

Homicide detective Sergeant Dave Walker says the husband and wife were not living together and that the husband was living in the apartment with two roommates who were not home at the time.

A neighbor said things had been tense between the couple who had recently separated.

"He had moved out and they were arguing and he saw the kids every once in a while, and then later he basically told me that he wasn't doing well and that he was thinking about moving back to his home country,” Howie Oliver said.

Walker says the woman dropped the couple's children off at the husband's apartment Monday evening. The woman later returned with the two-year-old girl, who's related to the woman's roommate.

According to Walker, the husband surprised his wife and shot and killed her then shot and killed their children. He then killed himself.

Walker says notification of next of kin is being hampered because all of the victims are from Guatemala with no family in the U.S.