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in Windsor, Ontario Provincial Police said Ronald Stan was 32 when he disappeared after a barn fire in the former Township of East Williams in September 1977. The community is located west of London, Ontario.

The OPP and the Ontario Office of the Fire Marshal investigated the fire.

In 1986, nearly nine years after Stan disappeared, a court declared him dead.

In July 2014, according to CBC News, a routine audit of the case reopened the investigation into Stan's disappearance.

The OPP said it used modern technology to track down Stan, now 69, living near Tahlequah under the name Jeff Walton.

Police have contacted the families affected by the discovery, but are not releasing what the families are saying.

Oklahoma authorities have also been notified, but Canadian authorities say they don't expect to file any charges in the case.

Walton's Facebook page states he is retired, married and living in Cherokee County.