A Claremore woman who was arrested last week for allegedly vandalizing Foyil schools was arrested on Tuesday for facilitating a meeting between two teen girls and a man who reportedly raped one of them.

The Rogers County Sheriff's Office says Katie Lynn Deloya-Cambray, 22, and the two girls went to the horsemen camping lot at Will Rogers Downs to meet with Oscar Garcia “to attempt to get Garcia to give them money to help with their pending legal troubles,” a report says.

According to RCSO, Garcia, 43, provided the females shots of tequila, then Cambray and one of the girls left to buy cigarettes. When the 16-year-old girl was left behind with Garcia, he picked her up and took her to the bed and raped her, the girl told deputies. According to the report, she said she repeatedly told him to stop, then texted the other two women to tell them she had been raped.

When Cambray and the other girl returned, they found Garcia next to the teen with nothing on but his underwear. The three females then left the trailer, the report says.

Cambray was arrested for procuring minors for prostitution and contributing to the delinquency of minors, and Garcia was booked for first-degree rape.

Afterward, Garcia was interviewed by investigators. He said he asked the girls if they were 21, and they said they were, so he gave them tequila, the report says.

He said one of the girls, who he thought was between 17 and 19 years old, was left behind while the others went to the store.

According to the report, Garcia said the girl began to flirt with him, so he touched her behind and she followed him to the bed with her pants down. Garcia reportedly said he began to touch her and then when he initiated intercourse, to which she said “No.”

Garcia said the other females returned to the trailer shortly after that incident, and all left without talking to him.

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Both Cambray and Garcia are in the Rogers County jail. Cambray also was arrested last week, along with a 19-year-old man, after officials said they threw rocks at the front doors that damaged door frames at the Foyil School, broke windows in several buildings and did donuts in the parking lot, all totaling about $2,600 worth of damage.

Reports also say they showed their privates and “mooned” the cameras.