TULSA, Oklahoma - One organization and volunteers honored a Oklahoma soldier killed in action three years ago by giving a proper birthday party to one of his daughters.

U.S. Army National Guard Sgt. Mycal Prince died on the battlefield while deployed to Afghanistan. Prince joined the Oklahoma National Guard in 2000 at just 17 years old and died fighting for freedom.

Sponsors and volunteers wanted to honor Prince's sacrifice by giving his little girl the birthday party he can't.

“September is a very sad month for us, and this just brought a lot of joy to our life right now," widow Surana Prince said.

Surana said she couldn't throw a birthday party for her daughter Mycaela when she turned 2 years old three years ago. At that same time, she learned her husband, died while defending our country.

On Mycaela's fifth birthday, the Prince family drove across the state from Minco to Tulsa to celebrate.

“I'm happy... Like I said, we've needed this,” Surana Prince said. “We've needed this a lot because I've been dreading these next couple of days because Monday will be three years. It breaks my heart because they've already been crying for their dad, so this is something that we've needed.”

"A Soldier's Child Foundation" made the birthday party happen. The organization works with local corporate volunteers across the country and gives back to military families.

“I take it personal that they have died for my freedoms, for my family, yet their kids grew up without them,” A Soldier's Child Foundation's Daryl Mackin said. “I believe it's our call, our duty to answer those to be questions: Yes it did matter. We do care, and we're going to be here for you."

Sponsors like ORS-NASCO helped throw the party and donated a new bike to Mycaela so she can ride along with her older sister.

“To be able to recognize a fallen soldier and their family that's there, how they give back to our country, it's extremely special," ORS-NASCO's Paul Barrett said.

Surana says she's happy to see both her girls smiling instead of tears running down their faces during the third anniversary of their father's death.

“I just tell them, ‘Just know that your dad loves you no matter what. He's always looking after you, looking over you, he will always be with you and these people are here to help you remember your dad so he's never forgotten.'"

Volunteers at today's party raised $40,000 for more birthday parties across the country.