SPERRY, Oklahoma - Have you ever known any girls who played high school football? Well there are two girls at two Green Country high schools who are kickers and have plenty of leg better than most guys.

The kicking game is a skill, just like blocking and tackling, and many coaches and players would love to have a good one.

For Sperry and Coweta, they sought out kickers and the ones they found like to paint their fingernails and put bows in the hair just as much as they like to kick a football.

"I paint my nails to match the jersey,” Sperry student Sara Seals said.

Seals is the starting kicker for the Sperry Pirates.

“First time she tee'd one up, she made it, and I said, that'll work,” her coach Robert Park said. “She's a good athlete, and a very, very, tough kid.”

So far she's perfect kicking this season and the ORU soccer commit can kick a field goal 45 yards.

"All the boys knew I played soccer, so they tried to convince me, I told them I wasn't going to, but then they saw me kick and they kind of convinced me from there,” Seals said.

“She's very well respected by our guys, because they've seen her work,” said Park. “We're not afraid to send her out there anytime."

"My parents at first were kind of hesitant, but my dad is in love with it. I'm kind of like his boy,” said Seals.

Seals isn't the only girl responsible for kicking in Green Country, there's also Madison Bingham for the Coweta Tigers.

"I want to be different, show kids there's not a limit to what you do,” she said. "It was all sarcasm at first, I started out, my brother playing football and came out here and asked if I could be kicker. And sure enough, they needed it.

Coach Jay Wilkinson agrees.

"She's come out in the summer and done a really good job and worked her tail off,” he said.

The Tigers, of course, also have Bingham's back.

"It's been awesome having, like a brotherhood and people backing me up, except I'm the sister,” she said.

Both Seals and Bingham hope to leave a legacy, in fact Seals is already recruiting another female kicker when she graduates.