TULSA, Oklahoma - Police are working to figure out if a string of east Tulsa robberies are connected.

A group of men tried to hold up a Subway early Tuesday night, but got away without any cash.

Police got a very similar description from a Family Dollar store where the men took money from the register but failed to get into the store's safe.

Lacey Webster said she saw guns in the men's hands as she hid in the back of the store with her husband and two young children.

"I was shaking. I was holding my 2-month-old baby in my hand. I had my 2 year old in there with me. I've never experienced anything like that in my life," Webster said.

In both robberies, witnesses said the crooks had a gray getaway vehicle.

Tulsa police also believed the same bandits could have been behind a third hold-up in the same area, but as more information was gathered, they said it didn't quite fit the pattern.

They said the third robbery seemed planned and that the robbers appeared to have followed the victims to their apartments from a nearby business they operate.

Officers said the victims had their wallets stolen along with two karaoke machines.

The only description given of the robbers were a black male and Hispanic male.

Officers said they don't believe the third robbery is connected, but said anything is possible.