TULSA, Oklahoma - We found a story of touching compassion among all the destruction in Sand Springs.

Dozens of girls and a few adults survived the collapse of the Aim High gymnastics studio.

One by one, little gymnasts, in the arms or Tulsa firefighters, were carried to safety, as the rain poured down.

Parents, in tears, couldn't get to their babies fast enough.

Sixty people, mostly children, were inside Aim High Academy in Sand Springs when tornado sirens started screaming.

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"It was loud and everybody was just scared and crying," said 11-year-old Coree Green.

As everyone took cover in a basement, the storm ripped off part of the roof, the adults and children inside, prayed.

"I was scared and all we did was praise God that we were still alive," said Shiloh Sells, who is 10 years old.

No one was injured, but they were shaken up.

And thankful for the heroes who found a way to make a scary situation feel safe.

"They carried me," said Coree. "It was fun because I didn't have to walk."

The studio opened in 2013.

The program started in 2007 at the John 3:16 Family and Youth Center and had grown tremendously.