Supplies Needed:

Waffle Cones

Melting Chocolates

Sprinkles or Jimmies

Filler: Chex Mix, Candy Corn, M&Ms, Trail Mix, etc.

Optional - large piping bags and ribbon


1.) In a bowl, mix together your favorite snacks including Chex Mix, Candy Corn and M&Ms candies.  Set aside.

2.) Melt your chocolates in the microwave, stirring every 30 seconds.  Once melted, dip the open end of the waffle cone into the chocolate. Let excess drip back into bowl, then sprinkle with jimmies or sanding sugar.  Set on parchment or wax paper to dry.

3.) Once dry, fill with your favorite snacks and enjoy!

4.) Optional - place filled Candy Cornucopias in a large piping bag and tie with ribbon for the perfect gift!