TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa firefighters made a very scary Halloween for a 5-year-old child much brighter after responding to an accident involving the boy and his mom.

Firefighters had to cut off Brayden Fortney’s Superman costume to give him medical care. He said he was upset that it got ruined, but liked the firefighter costume it was replaced with even better.

The 5-year-old boy is feeling much better after spending Halloween in a hospital bed after a driver hit his mom's car near Sheridan and Virgin.

It sent her car spinning and left both Brayden and his mom, Chauntel, unresponsive. Chauntel came to within a few minutes, but not her son.

"I was panicking. It was a nightmare, especially when he was unresponsive and not responding to anything I was saying. That was the scariest part," she said.

Firefighters from station 17 and 16 showed up to help and found Brayden wearing a superman Halloween costume.

"He said ‘We are going to have to cut this off of you,’ and I said that's fine, do whatever you have to do,” Chauntel said.

Firefighter Mike Adkins said, "In a significant incident, we are going to cut your clothes off so we don't make an injury worse and can perform an assessment."

After Brayden woke up in the hospital, he realized his costume was ruined.

"I feel bad they had to cut off my superman costume," he said.

“We all have kids, and they love their costumes, so we all felt bad," Adkins said. "We gathered money between us, and one of the other firefighters went and bought it. We couldn't find a Superman costume."

But, they found the next best thing - a fire captain costume - and took it to the hospital.

"He gave me a big hug and gave me the gift they have gotten for Brayden," Chauntel said.

Brayden said he was excited and liked it even more than his Superman costume.

He said he wants to be a firefighter when he grows up, and this new gear brings him one step closer.

Brayden was released from the hospital on Halloween but didn't feel well enough to go trick or treating, so he plans to wear the costume next year.

Even though his costume was replaced, his mom's car was totaled and she didn't have collision insurance, so she's without a vehicle.