TULSA, Oklahoma - Detectives arrested a man they said was preying on children in west Tulsa.

Robert Cole, 65, was booked in the Tulsa County jail on two complaints of lewd proposal to a minor.

Cole didn't have much to say as he was escorted out of the Tulsa Police Department, but investigators said he has been driving around his west Tulsa neighborhood trying to get young girls in his truck and offering to pay them to watch him perform an obscene gesture.

An affidavit says, on one occasion Cole offered a girl, who was younger than 16, $20 to watch. Court records say, on another occasion Cole asked a young girl to go with him to a secret place with the intent to commit lewd molestation.

Police said they have received multiple reports of Cole propositioning young girls.

Investigators said he lives by Robertson Elementary and St. Catherine Catholic School. They said he's been stopped several times near the schools.

Tulsa Police said they believe there are more victims out there, but that they are afraid to come forward. Now that Cole is in jail, police hope they’ll feel safe reporting any crime.