TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa police are on the hunt for four men, they believe, chose a Tulsa family at random, broke into their house, pistol whipped them, tied them up and robbed them.

Police said they’re surprised by how brazen and violent the attack was.

Police described the suspects as 16 to 20 years old; they said one wore a bright red and gray hoodie. They said that is rare because robbers usually wear all black so they don't stand out.

A single piece of crime scene tape stretched across the doorway of a home near 16 and Memorial.

Police said four young men walked down the street, chose a house at random and knocked on the door just after 4:00 Friday afternoon.

When someone in the family cracked the door open an inch, police said the men shoved their way inside with a handgun.

Officer Ryan Ayers said, "They just cracked the door and then they forced their way in from that point."

Once inside, police said two women - the mother and grandmother - were pistol-whipped; one of them seriously injured.

Three other family members - a woman and two girls - were tied up, at gunpoint, and forced to lie down.

They said the men stole televisions, cell phones, jewelry and personal property, loaded the items into the family van - a white Mazda M5 with an Oklahoma tag 221BEU – and drove off.

Next door, Beth Harshfield watched one of her friendly neighbors leave the house on a stretcher.

"It looked like the older lady, and she had blood coming over her forehead," she said.

The other family members, while physically unharmed, were stunned.

Ayers said, "I think they seem to do relatively well with what they've been through. I mean, it's a traumatic situation."

Police are reminding people to never over their doors to strangers.

"Just be careful who you're opening the door to. You know, I think that's a general safety practice," said Ayers.

Police described the suspect vehicle as a white 2007 Mazda M5 van with a black pinstripe under the door handles.

If you have any information that can help solve the case, you're asked to call Tulsa police.