TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa police chased down and arrested three men possibly connected to a shooting in Jenks and armed robberies in Tulsa.

They're being questioned by detectives after a chase down South Lewis just before lunchtime.

Detectives are trying to connect the dots between the three suspects and crimes in Tulsa and Jenks - including armed robberies of a restaurant, convenience store, and a home burglary Wednesday morning.

Police caught up with the men after a long wait turned into a short chase that ended near 61st and Lewis, where a car was hemmed in by police.

The driver couldn't get through traffic at the intersection and police said, after ramming the car in front of him, he tried to back over the median to escape, but ended up hitting two police cars.

No one was hurt.

Police were trying to stop the car after seeing an armed robbery suspect get in as a passenger with two other men.

“We've been conducting surveillance for most of the morning, the task force and warrants squad has been sitting at Fairmont Terrace for the last three hours,” said Corporal Matt Hart with the Fugitive Warrants Task Force.

Officers in unmarked cars followed the car out of the former Fairmont Terrace, now called Savannah Landing, and said the suspect sped off at I-44 and Peoria.

The chase reached 70 miles an hour but was only two miles long.

After the crash, officers spent a half hour removing and cataloging items from the car - checking to see if the items were stolen.

Hart said, "Several guns recovered from the vehicle, a lot of what appears to be stolen stuff in the car, that's still to be determined, but the car is jam packed full of stuff."

Three men were arrested at the scene and taken downtown for questioning; Jenks and Tulsa County deputies wanted to talk with them about several armed robberies.

Dareon Ferguson, Jordan Gastel and Chad Burns were arrested.

Ferguson was booked on complaints including hit and run, attempted burglary, assault and battery with a deadly weapon and more. He's facing a $170,000 bond.

Gastel was booked on complaints of assault and battery with a deadly weapon, armed robbery and more. He's facing a $102,500 bond.

Burns was booked on complaints of assault and battery with a deadly weapon, four counts of armed robbery with a dangerous weapon and more. He's facing a $312,500 bond.