TULSA, Oklahoma - A group of Tulsa neighbors called police to a meeting Thursday night to put an end to property crime in their area.

People wanted to know what they could do, if anything, to prevent burglars from targeting their neighborhoods and their homes.

About 1,000 burglaries happen each month in Tulsa, and neighbors in midtown have been among recent targets.

This week, Tulsa Police arrested three men for a slew of charges - attempted burglary, burglary of a vehicle, assault and battery with a deadly weapon and more.

Detectives believe they're catching up to more suspects involved in at least ten midtown burglaries.

Still, people want more advice on how to avoid being a target.

Officer Darrell Ross with the Tulsa Police Department said, "Thieves are opportunists. We're trying to catch those guys before they get so far along."

Tulsa police said most burglaries are car break-ins and they happen most often in retail areas, like LaFortune Park.

"Make yourself a very difficult target. Like your cars, for example, don't leave a lot of stuff in the driver's seat, or even tucked underneath the seat," Ross said.

Police admit that burglaries are among the most difficult cases to close. FBI data shows Tulsa Police cleared only six percent of burglaries in 2014.

They said surveillance cameras can help catch the criminals.

Ross said, "Get a fairly good one. One that you can make up details and it'll send you updates when someone comes inside.”

Police said surveillance equipment, house lights and big dogs won't always deter bad guys, but they could help.

They also suggest keeping homes and cars locked and maintaining good inventory of your most important items, including serial numbers.

People also asked what they should do if a burglar gets into their home while they're home. Police said it all depends, but the best thing you can try to do is escape and call 911.