TULSA, Oklahoma - Often police only come in contact with people during stressful situations, but Tuesday, the Tulsa Fraternal Order of Police surprised shoppers by paying for their groceries, car seats and much more.

The Warehouse Market in west Tulsa was just one of many stops; there, police bought groceries for some families and gave others $100 to spend.

Many said the money is the only reason their family will get presents this year.

One by one, Tulsa police officers brought people to tears Tuesday.

"We want to give you $100 to help you with whatever you need,” FOP president, Sergeant Clay Ballenger told Tammie Anderson.  

Ballenger walked up to Anderson in Warehouse Market after she told her granddaughter she couldn't afford to buy strawberries.

"My kids can have a Christmas. God bless you guys so much," Anderson said with tears in her eyes.

Officers also waited for Regina Green to check out to tell her they were not only going to pay for her groceries but also give her $50 of spending money.

"It helps me a lot because of what money I'm trying to save. I still haven't bought gifts and I'm trying to figure out how to pay to get gifts for the grandkids,” she said.

Police pulled a car over on the way to another store across town, but not because the driver broke any laws.

Ballenger said, "We want to help you and your little one out by giving you $100 dollars.”

“I thought I was getting a ticket, so this is much better than a ticket,” Stephanie Palmer said.

The Badges with Blessings program is made possible by the FOP.

"This is a way we can give back in a different way and gives the citizens a chance to see us, we are real people, we want to help we are a part of this community,” Ballenger said.

Those were just a few people who police helped Tuesday.

Officers will continue surprising people this holiday season, in hopes they can help hundreds who are in need.