A Tulsa man arrested for two high-speed chases on consecutive Tuesdays earlier this month has been arrested again, this time after a chase in Creek County.

Deputies said they tried to pull over Clark Gatwood on Monday, February 22, because he was driving a stolen vehicle. They said Gatwood drove off and eventually got out of the vehicle and tried to run away. They arrested him near 71st Street and 95th West Avenue.

Tulsa Police arrested Gatwood on February 2 and again on February 9, after high-speed chases in stolen vehicles in Tulsa. After the second Tulsa arrest, the district attorney asked for a higher bond. A judge increased Gatwood's bond from $17,000 to $100,000, but the information didn't make it to the jail and Gatwood bonded out of jail.

On the same day Tulsa Police arrested Gatwood after the second chase, they released dashcam video of the first chase with Gatwood.

Records show Gatwood has eight other stolen car convictions and four convictions for running from police, among other convictions.

He was just released from prison on Christmas Eve.